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Enable a Successful Workforce in the Work-from-Anywhere Age

As businesses continue to move forward in a new Work-from-Anywhere age, there are still many unknowns. What is clear is that enabling teams to pivot with agility for whatever comes next mixed with the concept of mobility and presence in and outside of the office is crucial to business continuity. Every business has re-evaluated their communication services in order to meet internal and external expectations. The utilization of anywhere, anytime tools that include voice, video, messaging, and presence are becoming the key business focal points. 

A successful business is the result of efficient, timely, and personal interactions between your staff and key contributors. CSG can take your collaboration and productivity to new levels by providing a single app for calling, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration—all with the same ease of use they get from their personal apps. 

As you cut the complexity, you’ll reduce the security risks and productivity drain from having multiple solutions in your workplace. Your staff will be better connected and more responsive, becoming stronger customer advocates, and consequently driving loyalty with your brand.


The way you communicate should be able to fit the way you work. With everything you need always at hand on any device, in any location, Cloud services let you simplify the way your business communicates. Call, chat, meet, and collaborate no matter where your employees might be. Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing, task management, and virtual team rooms. Bring together 100+ business integrations, like Google Drive and Salesforce, to customize a true cloud unified communications experience. Cloud services give your employees and customers the features and options you want, all in one app.


Though an all-out cloud deployment may be beneficial to start-up businesses, with little to lose and everything to gain, larger companies that are waiting for a return on prior investments may be reluctant to cut them off and move on.

With a Hybrid option, businesses can protect any existing investments they have made in on-premise solutions by choosing to deploy only a few areas of their business into the cloud initially, then increasing slowly as and when it is most beneficial for them to do so.


For some businesses whose reputations rely on their ability to successfully maintain the privacy of their clients’ data (i.e. financial institutions or GP’s offices), security is an enormous priority and ensuring that they retain full control over all all aspects of business information is of crucial importance.

With an on-site UC platform, businesses are able to benefit from many of the features that improve both internal and external communications such as IM, video and voice calling and conference calling without having to deploy any of their private information into third party sites.

Demo Avaya Cloud Office


Experience how seamless and intuitive communications work. One click starts collaboration—call, meet, message, and more. One number connects it all—voice, fax, text, multimedia. View a demo and imagine what’s possible for your organization.

Get More Results

Give customers a smart, positive experience every time and you’ll win a lifetime of loyalty. With Contact Center, we can help you do exactly that. 

  • Enterprise class functionality

  • Mobility feature set

  • Telecommuter & Multi-Site support

  • Team Chat & Video

  • Easy to use, web-accessible services control

Customers can choose fast and efficient self-service on the channels they prefer, with an agent available to help as needed. It’s always seamless and context-driven and your agents can stay in sync and keep pace with customer expectations. With a consolidated view of relevant information, they can exceed expectations and reach great outcomes, faster.

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